Monday, September 1, 2008

Great Firewall of China

I was just looking through the list of blogging sites blocked in the PRC and it seems that is on the list. This could be a problem, but I am hoping that some combination of corporate VPN, holes in The Great Firewall of China and ssh tunnels to http proxies will allow us to access this blog. That's assuming we have internet access at the hotel(s) and don't need to rely on Chinese Internet Cafes.

But if this blog goes silent the moment we take off for China, then I'll have failed to burrow under The Wall and there is no need to panic.


Luca Aceto said...

Logi, in case of need, I can also set up a blog on I doubt those are even known in PRC :-)

Logi said...

Yeah, we'll keep that as a backup. And, well, failing even that, I can have Bjarni set up a blog on which is even more obscure and could even be on the hyper-obscure domain.