Sunday, August 31, 2008

Schedule of Anna and Logi's trip to China

This is the schedule for the trip, in case you feel like following Anna, Logi and Maja Mei Xing during their journey.

Sep. 3 departure from Reykjavík

Sep.4 arrive in Beijing and stay at Marriott hotel.

Sep.5 visit Great Wall and Summer Palace

Sep.6 visit Forbidden City and Tian'an men Square

Sep.7 transfer to Chongqing, Guangzhou and Taiyuan.

Sep.8 meet the babies

Sep.9 do the adoption procedure

Sep. 10 do the notary work and guide assists to buy some baby necessaies.

Sep.11 city tour

Sep.12 city tour and receive the passports

Sep.13 city tour

Sep.14 transfer back to Beijing.

Sep.15 visit Heaven Temple

Sep.16 apply for the visas

Sep.17 departure

1 comment:

ysh said...

Anna and Logi,

Good luck!!
I am very excited and look forward meeting her . Have a great time in China.