Thursday, September 25, 2008

More Photos and a Brief Report

Anna and Maja arrived in Reykjavík safe and sound, albeit very tired late on Wednesday, 17 September. Logi left them in Copenhagen, heading for Milan and then Genoa.

Since their arrival in Reykjavík, Maja has made the acquaintance of our cat Farinelli, people at Reykjavík University, and the neighbour's girl. She seems to be a happy and lively girl, and she charms everyone around her.

In one of her comments to previous posts, Yayoi asked what she liked to eat. From I hear from Anna she is a big eater and loves fruits (especially big bananas). Here is a live report from Anna on one of Maja's breakfasts (22 September 2008):

she ate skyr (an Icelandic yoghurt-like product), lýsi (Icelandic for cod-liver oil), corn from a can, rice cake, orange juice and a part of a peach.

And here's one from yesterday:

She just called me (loudly) to tell me that she wants another banana, but this morning she has eaten already one banana, a spoonful of cod liver oil (which she likes), half a yoghurt, half an orange, rice cake and a lot of cheerios.

So, she does have a good appetite :-)

I have posted some photos from September 13, 14 and 15, which were kindly provided by Logi. Enjoy!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Photos from the adoption ceremony

I have also uploaded the photos from the adoption ceremony, which was held on Tuesday, 9 September. There are also some photos of Maja Mei Xin talking to Róbert via skype while having a snack. Róbert told me that she was definitely enjoying her meal and that she was very talkative.

That's all for today.

Photos from the trip to the zoo on 10 September

It looks like I am reversing the flow of time. Here are some photos taken during the trip to the zoo last Wednesday. As you can see, Anna is training Maja Mei Xin in eating noodles. I have no doubt she'll like Italian pasta :-)

Today during our daily skype video call she entertained my sister's daughters, Chiara and Caterina, by singing for about 13 minutes straight. She certainly does not seem to lack energy and memory.

Anna says that she likes to see photos of Róbert and me on the web. So I found a few more to put on my picasa web account and added a handful of photos of our cat Farinelli. I trust that she'll enjoy playing with him. It remains to be seen whether Farinelli will like it too :-)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Photos from 11 September 2008

Logi has arranged the photos by day. (Thanks Logi!) So I can tell you that these photos were taken today. Maja Mei Xin got her taste of Starbucks and apparently enjoyed a frappuccino.

At some point soon, I'll upload the photos taken during the trip to the zoo yesterday to watch the pandas ("big mao" according to Maja Mei Xin) as well as those from the adoption ceremony. Watch this space.


I am uploading photos provided by Logi on a picasa web folder so that anyone interested in the developments related to Anna and Logi's trip to China can have a look.

You can access the folder here. There are still quite a few photos that I have to download from Logi's web directories, so the number of photos in the folder is likely to increase a lot over the next couple of days.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Trip to the Chongqin zoo

Anna wrote to me saying that today they all went to the local zoo to see pandas (big mao as Mei Xin
calls them) and other animals. Maja Mei Xin enjoyed the trip a lot and ran around laughing. Back at the hotel, she played with Logi with a stuffed panda Anna and Logi bought her.

Anna says that Maja Mai Xin still cries in the evening when she goes to bed and puts her old shoes on. Otherwise she is fine and is laughing most of the time.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Adoption procedure

Yesterday Anna and Maja Mei Xin went through the adoption ceremony. Now I am the leagal father of Maja Mei Xin Aceto. Anna wrote to me saying that there was a formal ceremony. Maja Mei Xin cried when it was their turn, not because she was afraid, but because she did not want to be held as the big girls were not held.

Maja had a long chat with Róbert on skype before the ceremony and said bye-bye to him and já. According to Anna, she was very excited to see Róbert. She might have recognized him from the photos she was shown.

I also had a skype video call with Anna and her. She was repeating "Ciao papa'" and playing with her water bottle.