Friday, September 12, 2008

Photos from the trip to the zoo on 10 September

It looks like I am reversing the flow of time. Here are some photos taken during the trip to the zoo last Wednesday. As you can see, Anna is training Maja Mei Xin in eating noodles. I have no doubt she'll like Italian pasta :-)

Today during our daily skype video call she entertained my sister's daughters, Chiara and Caterina, by singing for about 13 minutes straight. She certainly does not seem to lack energy and memory.

Anna says that she likes to see photos of RĂ³bert and me on the web. So I found a few more to put on my picasa web account and added a handful of photos of our cat Farinelli. I trust that she'll enjoy playing with him. It remains to be seen whether Farinelli will like it too :-)

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