Monday, September 8, 2008

Photo(s) of Maja and from the trip

Logi is uploading some photos from the Chinese trip. Since the internet connection here is slow, I have only uploaded a couple of ones of Maja and I have not succeeded yet in uploading a single one onto blogger :-( You can, however, try to view or upload some photos from here.

I have also just had a skype chat with Anna and Maja Mei Xin. It was short since she wanted to go and play with the other kids. Skype video calls are boring :-)


Kari said...


She looks a bit confused in the early pictures but it looks like her mood is picking up.

ysh said...

Congratulations, Anna, Luka, Logi, Róbert, and Kári.
I am so excited to meet her. As Kári said, she looked quite relaxed in you arms.