Friday, August 29, 2008

Logi's Travel Arrangements

I am back home in Genova after being back home in Reykjavík for 3 weeks. Yes, it's confusing.

The first leg of my journey was delayed by 3 hours while Icelandair found a plane whose stern engine wasn't leakins suspicious fluids whereby I missed the connecting flight in Copenhagen. Not to worry (much) since the whole flight was booked as a single ticket and SAS arranged for a hotel and an onward flight in the morning. The net result was that I got a free hotel in Copenhagen rather than paying for one in Milano.

The reason I'm posting this here is that as I was getting my accommodation sorted out, at the next counter there was a guy who had missed the flight to Beijing in the same way that I'd just missed the one to Milano. The lady was explaining to him that they'd help him find another flight, but he'd have to pay for the service since he'd booked the two legs of his trip as individual tickets. Just as I was going to do as soon as I was back on a reliable Internet connection... In the end, though, with the help of the people at Ferðaskrifstofa Íslands, it seems that I ended up with a single Milano-Copenhagen-Beijing and Beijing-Copenhagen-Milano ticket.

We'll see Wednesday if that was a disaster averted or merely prudence.

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